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Question Number three: what if I’m in a rush?

Yesterday’s total: 9!!!!! My best so far!

We all know what life is like sometimes, you’ve got a million things to do and no time to do it. I am here to try and help you think of some ways to get those extra portions into you when there’s not much time

Breakfast: some say the most important meal of the day, others consider it a luxury to even be able to sit down for it. Either way, it’s an opportunity to get a few portions of fruit and veg into your life.

Porridge: I started doing this for baby and now I lové I think for me too, I freeze individual portions of mushed up fresh fruit and then when I make my porridge I throw the fruit in with no fuss and we have it, portion number one!

Toast: another classic easy breakfast food, my go to toppings are Marmite or marmalade, but unfortunately these are not fruit of veg! (No, marmalade and jam are not one of your 10 A Day!). Two delicious toppings for toast that will count, banana and avocado. Probably don’t eat them together, but I haven’t tried that so maybe it could work? Banana and honey, or peanut butter are both delicious! Avocado on it’s own it great, or even chuck in some tomatoes for an extra hit!

Eggs: sometimes I forget how easy scrambled eggs can be to make but they are a quick and easy super healthy breakfast food. Spinach and tomatoes both go great with eggs!

Lunch: again this can be hard to do right, maybe you’re at work, or got several children to juggle.

Packed lunches: do not have to be sandwiches! If you work somewhere that has a microwave, make too much dinner the night before and pop the leftovers into a Tupperware pot, and voilà, lunch! Or how about a big salad, maybe with some tuna or boiled eggs. I make baby little veggie burgers as finger food, using lentils or quinoa and lots of chopped up Veg, and these wouldn’t be perfect to pop in a lunch box!

Tins and toast: my go to lunch at home, beans on toast or creamy tomato soup. Both of these things are a good start, they will be one portion on their own, but we want more than one! So I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this, but it’s great, you can add stuff to the tins! Today I had tomato soup from a tin for lunch and chucked in a chopped up carrot and some broccoli! 3 portions instead of one! You can do similar for beans or spaghetti hoops!

Jacket potato: so I should probably be saying “why not replace with a sweet potato ” but I know it’s no time the same. Potatoes can cook in the microwave super quick, yes they won’t get crispy but they will be delicious. You can then put anything on them, salad, coleslaw, stir fry veg. Easy.

Dinner: So I hope by this point in the day everyone is home and not having to rush around anymore, but you may be so exhausted you just don’t fancy spending ages cooking so you go with chuck something in the oven, this isn’t fine!

Pizza: veggie it up, peppers, sweet corn, red onion all great on pizza.

Jacket potato: see above^^^

Freezer food: My idea of freezer food is fish fingers and chips! This is fine sometimes but to get your veg, have a good selection of frozen veg which can cook in about 5 mins in a pan of water.

Stir fry: cheat, bag of mixed veg, ready made sauce, done.

Snacks: This can be one of the best ways to up your daily portions, but sometimes a chocolate bar or bag of crisps is easier.

Fruit bowl: put it somewhere obvious, we used to keep it in the living room and we would eat much more than when it’s In the kitchen.

Sticks and dips: We all know hummus is the best thing ever! But instead of using crisps and scoops, pre cut a load of veggies, keep them in a Tupperware and then when you’re hungry it’s ready!

I hope this helps you if you’re struggling to find ways to fit 10 A Day in!




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