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Food Diary: Day Seven!

I’m a little bit uninspired and not feeling great today so just a quick food diary from yesterday.

Breakfast- toast with marmite

Snack – it was baby yoga morning which obviously means Snack is a latte and a brownie, oh dear!

Lunch- out and about so grabbed a wrap that had some salad in probably only enough for 1/2 a portion….

Dinner – stuffed pasta with veggies! Broccoli, carrots, onion, kalettes (if you haven’t found these yet they are fab!), red and green pepper and cherry tomatoes. Probably about 3 1/2 portions.

Pud- I shared a couple of satsuma’s with the baby, 1 portion.

Grand total of five portions of fruit and veg.

I’ve been doing this for a week now, time to kick myself up the butt and start smashing the magic 10!


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