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Spring Time: Seasonal Eating

I am so excited for spring and all it’s goodies but first things first, the dreaded fruit and veg count! Yesterday was a bad day, well we had a nice day but fruit and veg wise only 4 portions! Oh dear.

Today has been beautiful. Definitely spring in the air. We spent the afternoon out in the garden doing some gardening and it made me think about eating seasonally.

This can be a good way to save the pennies (there might not be much difference in supermarkets but at a green grocer or fruit market it definitely will) and you’ll get the best quality products at the right time.

So here is a list of UK Fruit and Veg that are in season in March, and some tips on what to do with them!

Artichoke: a globe artichoke can be Boiled whole in a pan and then you rip the leaves off and eat the fleshy bottom bits. If this is something’s you’ve not tried before I would recommend going for it!

Beetroot: I wrote a whole blog on this yesterday, highly suggest this should be in your life!

Cabbage: home made coleslaw, in a stir fry, in stews, cooked in butter and coriander seeds….. the list is endless.

Carrots: I really hope carrots are self explanatory but my fave is raw with hummous.

Chicory: Can be used raw in a salad or a variety of cooked dishes. I’m going to own up, I have eaten this in restaurants but never cooked with it myself!

Cucumber: here’s a little know n secret, cucumber is great in a stir fry!

Leeks: You can use wherever you would use an onion or in a delicious leek and potato soup!

Parsnip: Roasted. Simple.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: again another super versatile veg, I’ve just sown some seeds for these, not sure if I can wait though, think I’ll be stocking up from the shops!

Radishes: another one I’m growing and not too long to wait! Super quick and easy to grow, fab in salads!

Rhubarb: one word, CRUMBLE, but keep sugar levels to a minimum!

Sorrel: another one I’m not too familiar with, but can be used as a herb or in a¬†salad.

Spring Greens: in a stir fry or wherever you would use another other cookable leaves such a spinach.

Spring Onions: again wherever you would use a normal onion, keeps things more exciting.

Watercress: Another beautiful salad leaf, we are getting to salad time of year!

I can’t wait for a trip to the local green grocers to stock up on all these lovely things. I would love to hear what produce are in season if you live elsewhere!


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