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10 A Day: Pancakes!

I have just been looking up recipes for savoury pancakes and there’s are so many delicious looking ones packed full of veggies! And not to mention all the delicious combinations you could do with fruit on a sweet pancake, or in one even!

I would love to know people’s pancake preferences.

Being British, pancake day for me is all about a thin pancake with sugar and lemon. And the big question here is, could that count towards my 10 A Day? I would say, done the right way, yes! You would need to have a whole lemon, over several pancakes, and go easy on the sugar! Maybe if you take the peel off the lemon and do some really thin slices to spread over the pancake instead of just using the juice to make sure you are getting all the goodness out of it!

My sister visited America recently and brought me a bottle of maple syrup back with her, so I have been doing experimenting with big thick, fluffy pancakes and they are winners! Definitely easy to get loads of fruit into these, literally cook the fruit into the pancake, and then put more on top!

If you are struggling to think, her are some links to recipes packed full of veggie goodness:

Spinach, ricotta and pine nuts (1 portion of veg) :

Squash pancakes (1 portion of fruit, but serve with a salad and you can bump this up!):

Spinach and mushroom (not for me, but 2 portions!):

Spicy vegetables fajita pancake (depending on how much you eat, you couldn’t get up to 4 portions from this one meal!):

I hope you all enjoy your pancakes today, let me know what you’ve had!




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