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Food diary: Day 3!

We have been away this weekend and that does not mean good things for getting 10 fruit and veg!

Breakfast: I had had too much of a lie in so was running late which meant that all I had time for was a quick bit of toast!

Snack: a nectarine (which I had bought several days before in the yellow sticker, or last day therefore cheaper, section and it still had loads of life in it!) (1 portion)

Lunch :Pub Lunch, fish and chips with peas and the tiniest amount of salad it is not even worth mentioning! (1 portion)

Dinner: picnic dinner in the hotel, carrot sticks, houmous, pretzels, grapes, crisps and satsuma. (2 portions ish)

Grand total: A very sad 4.

Lunch was chosen without trying to get veggies in my life so from now on when eating out, really think about what you order!


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