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Food Diary: Day One!

I’ve decided for the first few days I’m just going to eat my normal food and see how many portions of fruit and veg I’m getting without too much effort. Bit of background of my eating, I’m a pescitarian, so I eat fish but no meat, I genuinely enjoy fruit and veg except mushrooms (or the devils eyeballs as I call the !) and I don’t work full time so I have plenty of time for cooking! This makes me sound super healthy, but I’m not! Crisps are my weakness, I can’t get enough of toast and I’m having a real chocoholic phase! Oh and I’m breastfeeding my little one at the moment so sometimes I eat mountains of food, but I promise I’ll cut down once he moves on!

I think today was a fairly good day, let’s see!

Breakfast: porridge with nectarine (1 portion)

Snack: toast with jam. (Jam is something I have questions about, will do some research and let you know these questions soon!)

Lunch: cous cous with carrot, pepper, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and olives. (2 portions worth) (Olives and sun dried tomatoes got me thinking if they count? I” going to look into this and let you know later)

Snack: buiscuits and marmite on toast (I’d just been on a massive walk and was starving!)

Dinner: Roast root veg wraps (carrot, butternut squash, celeriac, parsnip) with salsa (homemade, tomatos, onion, coriander and lime) mixed salad leaves and avocado. (4 portions worth)

No evening snack!!

Total fruit and veg for the day: 7!!!!

Pretty good first day, I’m away over this weekend so let’s see how I do then……


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