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Question number 1 : how big is a portion?

I was talking to my mum recently about getting 5 A Day and in her head she imagines having to eat 5 whole fruits and vegetables. This may not seem much when thinking about an apple or an orange, but when you imagine having a whole head of broccoli of your plate it gets a bit daunting (even for a broccoli lover like me!)

So how much shold we be eating to count it as a portion?  According to the NHS website, 80g. Now I don’t imagine you’re all going to be getting your scales out every time you fancy a snack so to make it easy, 80g is about a slice of melon, one apple, two plums or a handful of berries. A little catch though, one type of fruit or veg will only ever count as one portion, no matter how much you eat!!

But what about fruit juice and smoothies? Again according to the NHS website, however much fruit juice or smoothies you drink it will only count as 1 portion! So as these things contain massive amounts of sugar probably best to not gulp down the smoothies too often.


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