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10 a day?!? How easy will this be?

So recently there has been a lot in the news about if 5 fruit and veg is actually enough and if we would be better getting 10. I am here to tell you about my adventure trying to smash this goal.

I have always been proud that I am a 5 A Day kinda girl and really enjoy most fruit and veg (only thing I will not touch is a mushroom, they’re not even allowed I need the house!), so how am I going to hit the magic number of 10 daily?

I will be using this blog not only as a bit of a food diary but also to explore the excitingly world of veggies. I love knowing what goodness I’m getting out of what I’m eating, one of my most used google phrases is “health benefits of……” so I will share all of this knowledge with you guys. I’ll also include some recipes, shopping tips (or nightmare shopping stories, eg the lack of aubergines currently in my life!) and maybe some veggie baby tales (I have a 7 month old who is enjoying the big wide world of food!)


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